Teetar Sauce – Admiring the finest in Viraj Bhagat inspired art

There's nothing quite like Viraj Bhagat, the Teetar. With his exquisitely soft hands, deep mysterious eyes, and unique take on the English language, it's no wonder that so many look upon the man with dumbfounded awe. Chronicled on this site are the many works of art that have been inspired by Viraj Bhagat. You could say that they've been spiced with that special… Teetar Sauce.

In the wild

A little late, but this is amazing. Spotted in the wild:

Amazing #lopez

Viraj as a baby girl, in phone cover form. Lopez!


Today, success!

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The Love

I can’t believe I forgot to post this.

Sam and Viraj formed a bond in Asia that would take many a hot men to break.

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A week or so ago we were playing HoN as usual and I was on Viraj’s team. I didn’t have a great game and kept on “mistaking” Viraj for someone else…

You’ll want to click that to view it large. Viraj went crazy on me and took his anger out on others too…

Virja needs to calm down some, I guess. Poor Virja.

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Back in the day, we even loved to wear Viraj inspired clothes. Feast your eyes on the VJLove t-shirt:

You can view a larger version of the front and purchase your very own over at the VJLove CafePress!

I used to have one, but Viraj stole it from me one day. I swore I would have my revenge by making another shirt… that time is coming… be prepared, Teetar!

Viraj Bowling

Viraj can even perfect the art of failure as depicted by the following videos documenting Viraj bowling:

The last video, especially, depicts Viraj’s incredible ability to almost do terrible, but then somehow pull off failing completely.

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Viraj’s Secret

Oh my, this one’s a little naughty.

The age of this work of art is somewhere greater than five and less than ten years.

The Lopez

Perhaps the earliest of all works of art with the Teetar Sauce, the following is… The Lopez:

A number of lives were risked in order to obtain this rare digital copy.